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Myhr CVS Portal: CVS Pharmacy or more famous with the name CVS pharmacy. Earlier, it has the name CVS/pharmacy. This is one among many subsidiaries of the American retail and healthcare company CVS Health. Currently, its headquarters is in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, the USA. In the year 1963, this company came into existence with the name The Consumer Value Store. Since the starting of this chain, Melville Corporation which is the parent company has owned it. But in the year 1996, it has spun into a separate company which is now famous as CVS Pharmacy.

What You Must Learn About CVS

Myhr CVS Login / Sign in :

Currently, this CVS Pharmacy is the largest Pharmacy chain in the USA. As of 2016, it has over 9,600 stores in the USA alone which is a huge number. By Total Prescription Revenue, it is the biggest Pharmacy company in the USA. This CVS Pharmacy ranks at 7th place in the USA as per the Fortune 500 in the year 2016. Because of its service, it has got a good reputation in the USA. Hence most of its customers visit again and again to buy the medicines. Since you are here, it is pretty obvious that you want to know how to Sign in MyHr CVS Portal. This CVS Portal is an official website of CVS Pharmacy which is working to help its customers. To avail all the benefits from CVS, you have to Login to this CVS Portal.

Myhr CVS Login Portal: Actually, it is way more easy to sign in myHR CVS employee portal than what people think. There are only a few simple steps while trying to login Myhr CVS Portal. Furthermore, check below to know these simple steps in the process of Myhr-CVS Portal Login.

Requirements for myHR CVS Login:

  • PC or Laptop or Smartphone or Tablet
  • Internet or Wifi Connection
  • myHR CVS User ID
  • myHR CVS Password

Steps For myHR CVS Login:

myhr cvs login
myhr cvs login

1. First all of all, you have to select the device with which you will access the CVS Portal.
2. If you have selected the device, then directly go to the web browser. Meanwhile, you have to turn on your internet connection. If you don’t have that, you can also connect to wifi.
3. Now you have to go to the official website portal from any web browser.
4. Since you want to Login CVS health and MinuteClinic, you have to select the login option.


  • If you are a current employee CVS health and MinuteClinic, then you have to select the login option which is on the left side of the web page.
  • If you are a former employee of CVS Health or you are former MinuteClinic colleagues, then you have to use the log in option which is on the right side of the web page.

5. Once the Login page opens, you have to enter your MyHr CVS User ID.
6. Furthermore, you have to enter your password in the next blank.

  • Store Employees – Username: 7 Digit Employee Number; Password: CVSLEARNet Password.
  • MinuteClinic Employees – Username: 7 Digit Employee Number; Password: Federated Password.
  • Distribution Center employees – Username: 7 Digit Employee Number; Password: myHR Password.
  • Non-Store and PBM employees – Username: Network Windows Id username; Password: Network Windows Id password (myHR Applications)
  • Non-Store and PBM employees – Username: 7 Digit employee Number; Password: CVSLEARNet Password (Momentum)

7. After entering both the credentials, you have to click on Logon option.
8. With that, you will land in your account with which you can check all the details that you want to know from your CVS Account.

NOTE: If you have forgotten your my HR User ID or your password, then you have to select the option which is just below the login options. You have to select the same option if you want to reset your myHR CVS Password which is a very easy process.

myHR CVS Portal Registration: If you are working with myHR CVS, then you should have an account with the official portal of myHR CVS. To know the process of MyHR CVS Signup, then you can check the below information. We have simplified each and every step for you so that you can create an account with CVS Portal.

Requirements for CVS myHR Sign up:

  • Last 4 Digits of SSN
  • Date Of Birth
  • PC or Laptop or Smartphone or Tablet
  • Internet or Wifi Connection

Steps For myHR CVS Sign up:

1. Like the Sign in Process, here too, you have to select a device which can connect to internet or wifi connection.
2. Next, you have to go to the web browser from that device.
3. When you open the web browser, you have to search the official address of CVS Portal.
4. Furthermore, go to the official website of CVS Portal.
5. On the right side of the page, you will find the Logon Options. Below that option, you will find the option, “Are You A New User?”

cvs login
6. When you find it, you have to click on it, with which you will land on the next page.
7. Here, as the first step in the CVS Registration, you have to enter your last 4 digits of SSN.
8. Soon after that, you have to enter your Date of Birth in the second blank. Make sure that you enter a valid and your authentic Date of Birth. If you enter a wrong one, you might face some issues in the near future.
9. Furthermore, you have to enter your email address or mobile number. After entering all the information for CVS Registration, you have to click on Continue to complete the CVS Signup Process.
10. With that, you will create your own CVS Account which helps you a lot. You can check the benefits and other information with the help of MyHr CVS Portal.

How To Recover CVS Lost ID Or Password:

First, check whether the Caps Lock is off while you are trying to Login CVS Portal. The other case is you have to go to the login page. After you enter the CVS Login page, you have to check for the CVS Login details which are at the right side of the screen. Just below the CVS Login details, you will find the option “Forgot User ID or Password”. You have to select that option by clicking on it. With that, you will land on the next page. Here you have to enter your, last 4 digits of your SSN. Next, you have to enter your Date of Birth. You should enter the same Date Of Birth that you have entered while registration. Next, click on Continue to recover your ID or Password. The process to recover your CVS Password or ID is same.

MyHR CVS: A Source Of Benefits

This MyHR CVS service is free of cost for the employees and staff of CVS Pharmacy. Both Old and New Employees can use this site to get the benefits. It has services like 401k programs, Medical Check-ups at Low cost, Health Care Insurance for the Employees and staff. These services and benefits are available to the ones who have registered themselves with MyHR CVS Portal. You only need an email address for this process. An employee can get personal stock purchase program, health programs, voucher programs, education and adoption programs etc. It also educates its employees on their income taxes, insurance for life. It also provides advice on medical assistance, salary and allowances etc for their specific work at CVS Pharmacy.

CVS Learnet

CVS has designed a portal by which its employees and staff can access HR-Related Data easily. They can check Vouchers, Advantages, Earnings etc via CVS Learnet. It also provides information regarding the training and skill advancement of the employees. It helps every single employee to learn the skills easily. Hence every person who works at the CVS Pharmacy uses this portal for work development. If you are a staff or an employee of CVS Pharmacy, you should also use this portal for your development.

MyHR CVS Medical Care

CVS offers a number of benefits to its employees and staff. Like they will get business travel insurance, Life insurance, death insurance. One will also get the Insurance for retirement. The portal of CVS also offers the advantage to get the short-term disability coverage and LifeScope for You Life Services. If you want to use or get these services, you have to signup with the MyHR CVS Portal. Only members who can get the FSA or Health Saving Account can use them. Also, employee or staff who has health care insurance can use the benefits from the CVS Portal.

MyHR CVS Support:

If you have queries regarding any service of MyHR CVS, then you can contact them via MyHR CVS Support. You can call them between 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Phone Number: 1-888-694-7287 (For Health and Welfare, Press 2)
Myhr CVS URL: official website

We have given the login process for both current and also for former employees of myHR CVS. You can use the above process to login myHR CVS portal for benefits and other information. You can contact us if you have any problem in above information.

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